Why did Jeffree Star list his California home for sale? YouTube star takes care of mental health


In a recent YouTube upload, beauty guru Jeffree Star revealed that he would move from his home in Calabasas.

The content creator told viewers that COVID-19 gave him plenty of time to think and reassess.

Where does Jeffree Star currently live?

Star is currently based in California in a 25,000 square foot home.

Living alone, Jeffree mentioned that he often felt alone in a house so big and that he frequently treated it like a hotel: “My mother lived with me, I had friends, family, cousins. , some employees stayed with me. “

California is also home to YouTuber’s businesses, including Jeffree Star Cosmetics. However, Star confirmed to viewers that her businesses are going “nowhere” after she moves.

Star’s current home is listed for 3.3 million, with 11 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms.

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Why is Jeffree Star selling his house?

During his latest download titled “Addressing My Mental Health .. Selling My House and Getting Help,” Jeffree told fans he needs to “get away” from California for now.

In 2019, the beauty entrepreneur lost two dogs and the “love of his life”, leaving him devastated. On top of that, Jeffree had been involved in a car accident earlier this year, along with his friend Daniel. Star said the car “rolled over three times” and left him in a back brace.

Star told viewers that the lockdown and COVID-19 left him with plenty of time to think, which he realized he had “masked” his pain with work. Star also added, “If you don’t deal with your demons, they’ll eat you alive.”

“It’s not for me anymore, it’s time to move on and it’s time to grow up and I don’t think I can do it here (California).”

The YouTuber also made it clear that he was no longer going to entertain drama, revealing that he had “been part of the problem” but had also been “carried away by a lot”, speaking of the beauty community.

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What’s next for the YouTuber?

Regarding his next steps, Jeffree Star is becoming a full time resident of Wyoming.

Previously, the content creator lived part-time in Wyoming, but has now made the decision to move full-time. However, Star told fans her move won’t be “forever” – rather, it’s just a break away from California.

Jeffree also revealed that last year he sought therapy to help with “self-discovery” and healing. Since working with his therapist, Star says he’s “so grateful” for where he is now.

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