West Seattle Blog… | West Seattle Development: 5,952 California Apartments Currently Under Administrative Design Review


9 am: Last May, we mentioned an initial proposal for 48 apartments north of Morgan Junction at 5952 California SW.

The city of today has circulated Land Use Information Bulletin understand official announcement that the administrative design review is underway – this is a form of non-meeting design review – for the project.

The project is now described as “37 small energy efficiency units and 4 energy efficient housing units (41 units in total)”. As was the case when we noted last spring, 5 off-street parking spaces are on the plan, and it replaces a single family home plus the “garage spaces” behind that are part of an auto body shop. .

A wrinkle with that, as of this writing – as you are invited to comment on this project until October 12, as explained in the notice, the design pack is not available on the city website at the time of posting. We noticed this last week, even before the formal notice was issued, and we brought it to the attention of the designated planner, but it has not yet appeared, as well as the page of the project on the city’s website – where the leaflet says you SHOULD be able to see the design package – says you have to go downtown to watch it. This is why we are showing the notice card above, rather than a frame from the design package.

We’ll update if and when this fixes and the design becomes available for viewing online, as is typically the case with projects assigned to Design Review.

9:56 am: Available now (here).


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