Vaca Commission approves Allison Apartments and sends project to city council


VACAVILLE – The planning committee voted unanimously on Tuesday night to recommend that city council approve the Allison Apartments affordable housing project.

The recommendation included two changes: the number of parking spaces and that the deed be registered as use for affordable housing for the next 55 years.

The $ 65 million project is expected to be presented to council in December. The developer is CFY Development Inc. of Sacramento.

If approved by council, CFY would try to finalize funding – via a loan with the city and money available for affordable housing – in February, with construction scheduled to start from 2023-24 and rental. in 2025, if all goes as planned.

“It is a good location and a beautiful project,” said Planning Commission chairman Robert Macauley. “It responds to an important need of the city.

The project proposal is to build an affordable 187-unit apartment complex with the first phase on a vacant 3.65-acre site, located at the southeast corner of Allison Drive and Nut Tree Parkway. It would consist of a six-story building with two elevators and a rental office on the ground floor.

Phase two would be a business development to be dealt with at a later date.

The site map now includes 130 on-site parking spaces in a closed environment. A children’s play area, picnic area, and dog park, with primary access on Allison Drive, are included. There will also be ample parking for bicycles, according to a report from staff for the project.

The project includes 30 studio units, 112 one-bedroom units and 45 two-bedroom units, with areas ranging from 460 square feet to 984 square feet.

All units would be available to low-income households with income equal to or less than 80% of the region’s median income, with the exception of two field units. The request also includes a request for a density premium to increase the allowable density from 24 units per acre to approximately 70 units per acre.

“I think this project is extremely important for Vacaville and something we need,” said Commissioner Jan Aldrich. “This company ticks all the boxes. I am very supportive of this project.

The commissioners were worried about the number of parking spaces. There are only 130 targeted stalls with 187 units. Developer John Cicerone said the ratio meets state requirements and said the majority of affordable housing residents do not have a car.

The project is also located right next to a transit hub, and restaurants and shopping areas are within walking distance. Personal space is limited, – units don’t have balconies – but there are walking areas nearby with some room in common areas.

“The demand for affordable housing in Vacaville is high, and this project will contribute to that supply,” said Commissioner Michael Fortney. “A major element is the health of our community and this will help build a healthier Vacaville. “

Since 2002, Groupe Egis Inc., with Cicerone as president / owner, has been working as co-manager and co-developer with Cyrus Youssefi of CDY Développement. Cicerone has developed 1,605 affordable housing units in 17 projects in 12 cities across California, many of which have been recognized for their achievements.

“There is no better place to put this project than this one,” Cicerone told Commissioners. “We would be happy to provide leases to people related to your community. “

In other actions, the commissioners heard the final version of the specific downtown plan, suggested but took no action. They will discuss in more detail at a later date.

McCauley also appointed Vice President Brandon Kline and Commissioners Wendy Breckon and Ralph Lightfoot to join a new housing component subcommittee.


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