The Nation hires an architect for the fire stations, apartments proposed for St-Albert


At The Nation, plans are underway to replace the St-Albert fire station and decide if renovations are possible at the St-Isidore fire station.

On January 10, council approved Fire Chief Richard Groulx’s recommendation to hire IDEA architects at a cost of $61,545, to develop plans for the new St-Albert fire hall and to determine whether the fire hall existing St-Isidore can be renovated, or should be replaced. IDEA’s proposal was the less expensive of the two proposals received by the municipality.

Architectural work is being done in accordance with The Nation’s Fire Master Plan, which states that a new building is required in St-Albert and changes or a new building are required in St-Isidore in order to comply to operational requirements.

As an example, Groulx told council that the St-Albert fire station needs to be replaced because it cannot accommodate larger firefighting vehicles.

Board members did not ask any questions or comment on the recommendation to engage IDEA for the architectural work. The recommendation was proposed by Councilor Danik Forgues and seconded by Councilor Alain Mainville before being unanimously approved.

Planned apartments

The old St. Albert daycare building could become new apartments, if the project goes through the approval process. On January 10, The Nation council held a public meeting on a proposal by the current owner of the former day care center to divide it into three two-bedroom apartments and two one-bedroom apartments.

The Nation planner Guylain Lafleche said the building became vacant when the daycare moved to Catholic elementary school St. Albert. Before being the daycare, the building housed the Caisse populaire.

Lafleche said the only comment received on the proposal was a suggestion from South Nation Conservation that a hydrogeological study be carried out to detect any impacts on water quantity and quality in the community.

The council did not support the study. To advise Francis Briere says that water is not lost in St-Albert, and Councilor Danik Forgues, who represents the village, agrees. Laflèche agreed that there were no problems with the water supply and noted that there were already other apartment buildings in St-Albert.

If there are no other interventions, the proposal to create the five apartments at the old St-Albert daycare building will be approved as a zoning by-law amendment by The Nation Council.

mobile tower

Rogers Communications plans to improve mobile phone service in the region between Casselman and Bourget and intends to build a new tower near the former village of Lemieux in La Nation.

On January 10, the Council of The Nation approved the Rogers plan. The 90 meter guyed tower will be located near 8675 County Road 16.

Mobile phone communication is a federal responsibility, but municipalities have the ability to approve the tower’s construction if they agree it meets local goals.

A report from The Nation’s director of tourism and economic development, Benjamin Bercier, indicates that Rogers’ proposal meets the objectives of the municipal strategic plan.

Satellite map showing the site of the Rogers communications tower project near Lemieux in La Nation. Document from the Planning Department of The Nation


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