Rural Northern California home made of hay listed for $375,000


352 Meadow View Road (, iStock)

Don’t blow too close to this house.

The tiny round house in a Northern California forest is built from hay — and it’s now on the market for $375,000, SFGate reported. The Benbow House at 352 Meadow View Road was built in 1997 from hay and stucco, in a method often referred to as straw bale construction, and features mosaic countertops made with colored shards of glass and custom woodwork.

“It’s got a ton of character and is truly gorgeous,” said listing agent, Somer Wallan of Madrone Realty. “We see tons of your typical three-bedroom homes, but this has a certain personality.”

In addition to two bedrooms, the house also has an open attic accessible by steep and uneven steps. “The stairs going up there are smooth and somehow more artistic than functional,” Wallan said.

The 1,800 square foot home needs repairs such as cracks in the bathroom and extra tub support. The two-acre property also has a small one-room cabin that is wired for electricity and has no bathroom.

“It’s cob with stucco and bits of wood,” Wallan said. “The doors and windows are really cool, with cut glass, like bottle bottoms, to make the windows. It has a living roof. You can replant the roof with whatever you want to grow on it.

Although the property is far from civilization, it is on the city grid and has access to water and electricity.

[SFG] — Victoria Pruitt


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