Republicans at California House ask Newsom for answers on widespread ESD fraud


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As Gov. Gavin Newsom faces the growing threat of a recall, House Republicans in California on Friday said his administration must answer recent state findings that $ 11 billion in jobless claims the state were fraudulent.

They pointed to the fraud, along with the state’s announcement that an additional $ 19 billion in claims are under investigation, as reasons to be cautious before approving more federal dollars to support state unemployment programs.

In a joint letter, the eleven Republicans in the State House asked Newsom to release more details about the fraud, such as how the state will attempt to recover the money, how it will help victims impersonation related to the scam and when the backlog of pending legitimate claims will be paid.

“California had the resources to tackle widespread fraud in these unemployment assistance programs and appears to have been repeatedly warned of the possibility of fraudulent unemployment assistance payments,” said lawmakers, led by the Rep. Michelle Steel (R-Seal Beach), wrote. “With no accountability mechanisms in place or a plan to recover fraudulent unemployment assistance payments related to COVID, we are concerned that taxpayer confidence in California’s ability to administer other critical disaster relief programs. pandemic, such as vaccine distribution, continues to decline. “

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