Proposed apartments near former General Chemical land in Amherstburg


A special Amherstburg council meeting on Wednesday will consider a proposed development next to the former General Chemical property.

Piroli Construction offers a multi-phase development of apartment buildings, on a 6.4 hectare plot along Sandwich Street North and Brunner Avenue, located right next to the former factory property chemical and just across the Detroit River.

The project includes two six-storey apartment buildings with 114 units each.

Council is invited to consider a zoning application and site plan approvals for phase one, and zoning for phase two, with a site plan application to be submitted at a later date.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo said residential demand has exploded in the city.

“Amherstburg, looking at the last census, shows excellent growth in the residential area,” he says. “But one of the big things that was missing was rental properties like apartments. So that really fills a void that we’ve had for some time.”

According to the 2021 census published by Statistics Canada in early February, Amherstburg saw a 7.2% increase in population to 23,524 in 2021 from 21,936 in 2016.

Piroli Construction proposes to build two six-storey apartment buildings with 115 units each. The project would be located right next to the former General Chemical plant property near Sandwich Street North in Amherstburg. (Photo courtesy of the City of Amherstburg)

DiCarlo says the location is good enough for this type of development.

“I mean the view for the people facing the water is going to be great, for everyone else they’re still looking at beautiful Amherstburg,” he says.

The General Chemical property has been vacant since the company closed the plant in 2005, with work to clean up the contaminated site continuing in 2012.

DiCarlo notes that the previous owner had explored a commercial development next to the vacant lot, which he says was not well received by area residents and did not take place.

“In this particular case, this developer took a bit of a different approach and held an open-to-residents meeting before she even got to Council, and she was well received,” he says.

The proposal still needs to be approved by the city council.

Wednesday’s special meeting of the Amherstburg council begins at 6 p.m.


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