LTSC secures $30 million for Crocker apartment project

A rendering of the Crocker 175 apartment project.

The Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) and the City of Los Angeles jointly received $30 million from the state’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program for the LTSC’s Crocker Apartment project.

The funding will help build 175 much-needed permanent affordable supportive housing units in the Little Tokyo and Skid Row neighborhoods. Additionally, it will enhance the surrounding neighborhood with long-awaited transit infrastructure, pedestrian and green improvements.

“This AHSC award is a key piece of the puzzle to begin construction next year,” said LTSC Director of Real Estate Debbie Chen.

“Building affordable, permanent supportive housing is a proven way to keep people off the streets. As the LTSC helps address homelessness and the housing crisis, we are committed to working with community members to lend a helping hand to all those affected,” said LTSC CEO Erich Nakao. .

The LTSC and the city are working closely with local neighborhood organizations, stakeholders and community members to ensure the project best meets the needs of these constituents.

Crocker Apartments will create 175 studio, affordable and permanent one- and two-bedroom supportive housing units and nearly 9,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The housing units will be reserved for low- and extremely low-income residents, who will have access to on-site support services through LTSC’s workforce development partner, Downtown Women’s Center (DWC).

“Right now, Los Angeles is in need of more affordable housing. This $30 million grant will give us more of what the city desperately needs – permanent affordable housing for those who live on our streets, especially in Little Tokyo and Skid Row,” said board member Kevin de León. municipal district 14. improve sidewalks, public transit and the general streetscape. Little Tokyo Service Center has a long and remarkable partnership with the city to build reasonable affordable housing. This is just another example of this valuable partnership and our shared commitment to meeting the urgent needs of our community.

LTSC is a social service and community development organization that has been creating positive change for people and places in Southern California for 40 years. Beginning with its home in Little Tokyo, LTSC preserves and strengthens the region’s unique ethnic communities, where people, culture and collective future matter.


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