Kelowna wants new apartments to be ‘liveable’ | News


Kelowna city councilors expect a proposed five-building development immediately south of the Orchard Park shopping center to be an attractive and “liveable” location.

As councilors gave preliminary approval to the project on Monday, several said they wanted to see more green space than what appears on current drawings for the 401-unit development.

“Four hundred units is a lot,” the adviser said. said Charlie Hodge. “The fact that it is close to other parks is not enough, in my mind.”

Com. Loyal Wooldridge said he would ‘implore’ staff, in their ongoing discussions with the developer, to make the development ‘a little more livable’.

“It’s expected that (future residents) will have a place to live,” Coun said. Gael Donne.

The city has new guidelines regarding the form and character of new developments. One of the main goals of the guidelines is to make new residential and commercial projects more visually appealing, through things like using a wider variety of building materials.

“We’ve made it known that the new design guidelines are very important to us,” said Mayor Colin Basran. “But certainly the proposed land use is 100% supportable.”

The specific look of the five six-storey buildings will come back to council for approval at a later date.

Proposed for a currently vacant 4.4-acre property on the southeast corner of Springfield Road and Benvoulin Road, the project would include retail space, as well as a business centre, fitness center and park for off-leash dogs.

It is developed by Ironclad Developments, a Manitoba company.


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