In Lake Tahoe, California, Resort Residence With Breathtaking Views


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Site: Lake Tahoe, California

Price: $ 3.575 million

Sitting at the base of a mountain under the shade of towering trees, this modern residence emphasizes indoor and outdoor living, entertainment and exploration in the serene resort community of Northstar in Lake Tahoe.

“We built these places to take advantage of two things: one, the views, and two, an indoor-outdoor living space,” said Ron Barnes, senior strategist at Mountainside Partners, the developer of the house. The residence features large windows and folding doors that both overlook and open onto the picturesque setting, providing an outdoor space of 1,614 square feet. The layout of the house also encourages entertaining by placing the master bedrooms on the upper level where the kitchen, dining room and living room move seamlessly to the residence terrace and balcony.

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Officially dubbed one of Mountainside’s five ‘Boulders’ residences, the home is part of a tight-knit enclave that allows owners to ski in and out of their doorstep, while still providing what Mr. Barnes calls out “experiential amenities,” including rustic cabins, common areas, and even a one-acre children’s playground with stages, hanging bridges, and logs.

This emphasis on play, exploration and socializing harkens back to the resort’s larger philosophy, noted Barnes. “It’s about trying to help people connect [to others] and back to themselves, ”he said,“ disconnecting ”from the hectic distractions of modern life and“ reconnecting with family ”and nature.


The 3,240 square foot residence has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and a half bathroom. Another 1,614 square feet of space is added to the outdoor living space.

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In addition to the amenities provided by the residence, such as a steam shower, wine cellar and hot tub, residents of Mountainside have access to a swimming pool, workout facilities, equipment rentals. and more via the community’s luxury base camp known as the Treehouse.

A nearby secluded yoga studio offers classes under towering pine trees.

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Some of Tahoe’s natural amenities include the exploration and physical activity opportunities offered by the region’s natural landscape, such as 40 miles of hiking trails, a bike park with trails for beginners and advanced riders, and acre upon acre of land ideal for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Iconic Lake Tahoe also offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and boating.

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Finally, the Tahoe Mountain Club and the nearby Ritz-Carlton offer a wide variety of activities, such as fine dining, golf, and spa facilities to name a few.

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