Apartment construction in Austin has been halted due to rainwater issues


AUSTIN (KXAN) — The city of Austin has suspended construction of an apartment complex near Boggy Creek in the southeast part of the city due to stormwater runoff issues.

The city’s Department of Developmental Services said a stop work order was issued Monday morning for the Villa Springs development along Bluff Springs Road due to a “heavy sediment spill.”

The company behind the project, California-based AMTEX, was told that a silt fence needed to be reinstalled, according to a city spokesperson.

Stormwater from the construction site caused problems for neighboring owner Bryan Leach.

Leach owns an RV and boat storage facility on five mostly forested acres that once belonged to his grandfather. Leach also lives on the property.

He told KXAN that murky water from the apartments pours onto his land every time it rains heavily since construction began last spring.

“It’s going to cause massive erosion and kill my trees,” Leach said.

“It will completely destroy my forest,” he added. “There’s a bunch of gray foxes that used to live there. All their holes are filled with water and mud.

KXAN contacted AMTEX. In a statement, the company said it was working to install “additional rainfall control measures.”

“We have instructed our engineers to continue to work with county and city officials to determine any additional interim measures that can be taken to mitigate the situation until our permanent ponds are constructed and operational,” says a statement.

Leach said he had several meetings with city officials. The Department of Developmental Services said KXAN inspectors had made more than 30 site visits since January 2021, adding that inspectors “did not note any instances of flooding during their site visits.”

“I just need someone to help me with this problem,” Leach said.

The city said work would not resume on the site until the silt fence is repaired.


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